Evolution Dance was formed in 2015 by experienced dancer, teacher and choreographer Hayley Patrick-Copeland, to offer fun and friendly Freestyle dance classes for all ages.

Dance is a fantastic physical activity and art form for all, encouraging improvement of coordination, musicality, self-esteem and team work, whilst also helping to boost confidence.

Dance classes provide an opportunity not only to develop individually but also to enjoy learning with others and working together to achieve and progress. Our classes provide an environment where students’ abilities and talents are celebrated, and we hope to instil confidence and provide skills that will positively affect other areas of dancers’ lives too.

We strive to ensure everyone has a great time, and whilst we nurture students and support them as they evolve as dancers, performers and people, we hope that most importantly they enjoy their dancing and have lots of fun.

What is Freestyle Dance? 

Originating from Disco Dance, Freestyle is a diverse and energetic style of dance that allows dancers freedom of expression and creativity in their movements.

Evolution Dance is proud to offer a wide range of genres under the broad umbrella of Freestyle Dance and dancers enjoy dancing to a range of current music.

Freestyle is great for students who are starting their dance journey as it's so accessible, but Freestyle also helps to develop confidence and nurture talent in those who are already keen dancers.

We learn routines in class but also work on spontaneous improvisation and encourage dancers to explore their own creativity to help develop their own unique style.

Hayley’s vision is to share her life-long love of dance with her students and to share her experience, knowledge and passion to positively enhance their lives and dance journeys!

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"The best thing about Evolution Dance is Hayley. The energy and enthusiasm she emanates is the perfect recipe to ensure the children make progress, are successful, gain confidence and above all, have fun."

When I was looking for dance classes for M I had a clear idea of what sort of class I was looking for; contemporary, fun, supports movement development and inclusive and that is what Evolution Dance is."